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lavabo universale flight



A modern design, beside of being charming, amazing, emotional and innovative, must generate some thing functional and accessible. Flight is a technical basin with all these characteristics, unique of its kind, which has lined new horizons of projecting in the sanitary field.
A basin for everyone. The contemporary design responds to the needs of respect of the right to equity, gradual aging of the population and economic saving, thus avoiding the creation of restrooms specifically dedicated for disabled people. Flight is conceived for those who suffer of temporary or permanent motion problems, for ordinary users, for children.
Brightness and lightness

Made of one moulded piece of Corian®, which expresses levity and transparency, Flight represents a light in the field of restrooms for disables, which is instead often characterized by an orthopedic and forcefully technical look. Flight, with its soft and sinuous lines, overcomes, as in a flight, the esthetical barriers that are fruit of frequently misinterpreted norms.



The research of an element easily usable in public and representational contexts such as offices, hotels, restaurants, and home led to development of the Flight Basin. A new occasion for Goman to prove that norms and the right to safety in restrooms are not necessarily synonymous of technical and unpleasant design.

Design for All     

Technical specifications

Universal sink, made of one molded piece of white or translucent Corian® 12 mm thick, equipped with elbows standing plane inclined of 11° and concave front edge to make easier the coming closer and the rotation maneuvers on the wheelchair. It is delivered pre-assembled, equipped with overflow prevention device made of chromed brass and fixing stirrup made of zinced and painted steel with 4 points of wall anchorage. Total weight 12 kg. Maximum loading 150 kg.

Corian® DuPont™

Corian® is an inert, non-toxic and ecological material (green guard certification for indoor air qualify certified), with good resistance to chemical products and UV rays. It is easy to clean and to restore in case of scratches or small brakes.

lavabo universale flight goman

Flight Specifications & Models

Code: D0285/01     Measurements: 64cm x 59cm.

White Corian® fitted with overflow and steel wall mount.


Code: D0285B/01  Measurements: 64cm x 59cm.

White Corian® fitted with overflow, click clack waste and steel wall mount.


Code: D0285/21     Measurements 64cm x 59cm

Translucent White Corian® fitted with overflow and steel wall mount.


Code: D0285B/21     Measurements 64cm x 59cm

Translucent White Corian® fitted with overflow, click clack waste and steel wall mount.


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