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The innovative styling and colour is the basis for the Leonardo Series of 32mm Ø rails and supports.




01 White      02 Blue     05 Red     31 Black     35 Translucent Black      36 Translucent White     

60 Turquois     64 Yellow     65 Orange     70 Green     71 Light Green     93 Polished Stainless



Straight Hand Rails


LEO M40-XX 40cm Rail

LEO M50-XX 50cm Rail

LEO M60-XX 60cm Rail

LEO M80-XX 80cm Rail



Safety Handrail with Lateral Vertical Support


LEO 5050-XX 50cm x 50cm


Vertical Folding Support Bars


LEO B75-XX Folding Support Bar




Safety Corner Handrails


LEO A01-XX Corner Handrail



 Safety Shower Bars w/ Shower Rose


              LEO X032-XX Safety Shower Bars                                                      LEO X030-XX Handrail with Sliding Shower


Shower Seats


LEO X818-XX Shower Seat





                LEO-B113-XX Toilet Roll Holder                  LEO-B250-XX Toilet Brush                             LEO-B251-XX Soap Dispenser

LEO-B113-XX Toilet Roll Holder 

LEO-B250-XX Toilet Brush

LEO-B251-XX Soap Dispenser