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Oval series

OVAL SERIES Linear safety handle in a 3 part construction of steel tube 40mm x 20mm with an anticorrosion coating. 6 x M10Ø screws through a nylon base plate with antitheft stainless steel rosette.

OP = Antibacterial             N - Nylon


handles 40cm - 90cm

OP-M-40-01 Antibacterial Oval 40cm

OP-M60-01 Antibacterial Oval 60cm

OP-M90-01 Antibacterial Oval 90cm

N-OPM40 Nylon Oval 40cm

N-OPM60 Nylon Oval 60cm

N-OPM90 Nylon Oval 90cm


45° Handle 

OP-MA1-01 45 degree Antibacterial Oval 35cm x 35cm

N-OPMA1 45 degree Nylon 35cm x35cm



         OP-M4070S                                             OP-M4070D

OP-M4070D-01 Antibacterial Oval Right 40cm x 70cm

OP-M4070S-01 Antibacterial Oval Left 40cm x70cm

N-OPM4070D Nylon Oval Right 40cm x 70cm

N-OPM4070S Nylon Oval Left 40cm x 70cm


folding support bars


                OP-B60-01                                          OP-B70-01

OP-B60-01 Antibacterial Oval 60cm

OP-B69-01 Antibacterial Oval 70cm

OP-B70-01 Antibacterial Oval 70cm


corner handrails

OP-A01-01 Antibacterial Oval Corner Handrail 70cm x 70cm

N-OPA01 Nylon Oval Corner Handrail 70cm x 70cm